First Week of Term


I have been wanting to create a new blog for a little while now and the first week of my second year of university seemed like a good time to begin one.

From maintaining my last blog I’ve got a bit of an idea about what works and what doesn’t work in this format. Hopefully this new blog will be both enjoyable and informative to it’s readers. My main hope is that this site will become a space for me to document my thoughts and discuss my work as I enter into what I am expecting to be a very busy, creative, and exciting part of my life.

As this posts title suggests, I am now midway through the first week of my second year of university studies, and so far my experience has been an entirely positive one.

I am incredibly enthusiastic about the topics we will be studying over the course of the year and am sure that I will find them hugely beneficial, not only to my development as a creative individual, but also in making me a more ’employable’ graduate.

Every morning I am filled with energy and looking forward to the day ahead. I hope this feeling continues.

Most of today was spent looking at Pro Tools software, refreshing ourselves with its basic functions, and looking at some new tools that will prove invaluable to our upcoming projects.

Although I have used Pro Tools several times over the last few years, I have never entirely felt comfortable navigating my way around the programme, feeling happier to work in familiar environments such as Logic Pro, Cubase and Reason.

Today however, I left the afternoons workshop feeling pretty confident that with a little more time, I will be as comfortable in Pro Tools as I am in any of the above software, if not more capable of carrying out editing tasks to a professional quality.

There were a few features of the programme that impressed me with regards to copying small sections of audio from recordings and moving them around your arrangement. Although I’ve always been aware of the term ‘non-destructive editing’, it’s not until now that I’ve actually seen what that can mean, other than being able to hit the ‘undo’ button every time you make a mistake.


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