Whilst capturing and editing the recording that can now be found in the new ‘Ambience‘ section of this blog, I began thinking about the process of decision making that occurs in creative activities.

When the activity in question simply involves pressing record on a digital recorder and standing well back, it could be easy to miss where the ‘creativity’ part comes in.

For me, I think the creative element in this process comes through careful decision making. Making choices that others may not.

Where should I record? At what time should I record? What equipment should I take? Where should I position my equipment when I get there? Making careful decisions at all these points will shape the resulting recording.

However, the most crucial decision making happens when editing. When listening through the recordings, choosing which bits of the recordings should be cut, where fades between sections can be made and exactly when the piece should begin and when it should end.

It occurred to me that the recording I would eventually upload to this blog would be very different to the one captured. It would be shaped by the consequences of the decisions made by me throughout the entire process. The 3 minute 5 second recording on this blog is the result of much more than pressing record and standing well back.


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