Listening Pleasure


Creatively, it’s been a quiet few weeks for me. Sure I’ve been keeping busy with bits and pieces, fiddling with synths, playing with samplers and even a spot of song-writing, but nothing really worth writing about.

What I have been doing however is an awful lot of listening.

I finally bought myself a record player the other day so have been able to listen to all the records I have collected over the last few years.

I’m actually quite shocked at how many records in my collection I have never actually listened to, or have only listened to bits of. There have been a few surprises.

So to kick off the year, I thought I would simply point you in the direction of some of my new favourite tunes, recently discovered in my own record collection.

  1. ‘Whirlwind’ – Roxy Music
  2. ‘A Thing For Me’ – Metronomy
  3. ‘Andres’ – L7
  4. ‘Slippery People’ – Talking Heads
  5. ‘I Lust You’ – Neon Neon feat Cate Le Bon

Whilst on the topic, I would also like to link to my new favourite website – I’m sure it’s been running for ages and I’m probably the last to realise upon its existence but I’ve spent far too much time browsing through this site, listening to some top quality mixes this last week not to give it a mention.

Favourites for me have been soul mixes by Hot Buttered Soul, and Crystal Palace Soul.


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