Making Soundscapes


Yesterday morning I spent a few hours recording sounds around the Komedia venue of Bath. The building was originally a theatre built in the 1920s but in 2008 was converted into a comedy and live music venue.

The recording session went really well. I had a pretty strong idea of the types of sounds that I wanted to capture and how I intended to go about capturing them. There were however a few pleasant surprises along the way which I should hopefully be able to make good use of in my soundscape composition.

So today I have started arranging the sounds to form my composition.

I am pleased with some of the features of the piece so far, for example, the gentle shifts in ambience as I fade between recordings of different areas of the rooms/building.

But there are a few ideas that are key to the piece that just aren’t coming across. I’ve yet to apply any volume/panning/effects to the sounds yet so there is always the chance that in doing this, I can draw focus to the areas that most need it.  I am however wary of having to artificially create the sense of space needed for my piece to work. I want this to be achieved purely from the raw sounds recorded. Am I being a little too idealistic?


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