Making Soundscapes (part two)


I’ve spent most of my time over the last couple of weeks working on two very different soundscapes.

The first I mentioned in an earlier post and features recordings made in the Komedia comedy venue, Bath. This one is now finished and should be uploaded in the next week or so – possibly to the ‘Ambience’ section of this blog.

The second is actually part of a project I am working on at The Egg Theatre, Bath, which will be a part of this years Bath Literature Festival.

To compose this soundscape I have been working with clips of audio from recordings made while other members of the production team interviewed Bath book shoppers on their favourite children’s books.

I’ve actually found the interviews fascinating to listen to and I think they prove the valuable role that books and reading play in our lives. Important to consider when many public libraries may soon be closing due to funding cuts.

I made an important discovery the other day whilst working on the piece that, unlike with most of my work, I wasn’t really working with melody, rhythm or even sound to structure my piece. I was actually working with the dialogue in the recordings, working with the actual words being said and building a narrative in this way.

I found this really surprising, considering that so much of my life over the last few years has been solely concerned with the organisation and layering of sound, rhythm and melody. It’s actually been quite nice to work with a completely different compositional focus, meaning I have to leave behind all my tried and tested methods of arrangement and structure.



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