Making Things In Pd


I’m currently trying to build a pitch-shifter/harmonizer type effect using Pure Data.

So far I have had some success, in that my patch will alter the pitch of an incoming signal, but I have also discovered some major issues.

The build is in a pretty rough state at the moment as I am still trying to figure out what elements I need to make it work and how these elements should be combined. Once I’ve figured all that out then I can work on streamlining the patch and making it look pretty.

The main issue that I have unearthed today is that there is quite a large delay between me hearing the dry sound and the pitch-shifted sound. This delay is also present after the initial dry sound has ceased. There is another few seconds of pitch-shifted sound before silence.

I’m assuming this problem lies in the fact that the pitch-shifting effect relies on the sound being processed by a delay system, where the delay time changes over time.

Surely there must be a way of building the system so that the initial delay between dry and pitch-shifted sound is so small that it becomes inaudible? How this is achieved though I do not yet know.


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