Tech Rehearsals


It’s been just over a month since my last post – I thought it was much longer!

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about the theatre project that I have been working on since Christmas and this project is now nearing its final stages.

Over the last few weeks I have been completely consumed with finishing up some of the soundscapes needed for the piece and final bits of editing/tidying up. Last week were intensive rehearsals and this week we begin tech rehearsals.

So far, all the audio to be used in the piece has been loaded into the QLab software which will be used to ‘perform’ the sound into the piece. It’s actually quiet amazing how much audio is involved in this 50 minute production. A few weeks ago I speculated that the project would involve about 20 audio cues – it actually turned out to be closer to 120!

I’m a touch nervous about using the QLab software during the performances as the logic and work flow of the system is completely different to any of the linear music production software environments  that I have used before. That said, I’m sure that, assuming we don’t encounter any huge problems, I’ll be able to pick up the basics and familiarise myself with the software enough during the next two days of tech rehearsal.

The show opens on Thursday night and there will be two shows a night with two matinees on both Saturday and Sunday. I think a full post dedicated to the experience of working on this project must follow soon after.

(The show is also mentioned here on the Bath Chronicle site)


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