Ping Pong


So as part of my Sonic Art module I have been working on a piece of music that seeks to explore and manipulate our perception of passing time.

I’m trying to do this using recordings of ping-pong balls bouncing around a space.

My idea is that because of the nature of a bouncing ball, I will be able to use the recordings to create a piece of music that is constantly speeding up or slowing down, thus giving us no fixed, regular meter with which to understand how time is passing.

My first attempts were simply sounding too much like ‘random’ recordings of ping-pong balls and any intention relating to tempo and rhythm etc was lost. I began thinking that maybe I need to momentarily create sections of steady tempo so that I can then deviate from this sense of regularity, stretching or shrinking the perceived time.

Which has lead me to the version I have uploaded here.

An audio archive of a later version of this project can be found here.

This version is getting closer to what I imagine my end result to sound like, however, I now wonder whether there is too much of a steady, repeating tempo.

I also feel that in some instances, it is not so much the tempo of the piece that I am altering but the rhythm – more work needed to address this.

Please excuse the compression levels on this recording – I haven’t yet properly mastered the piece as clearly I am still at the arranging stage.

Any feedback on my dilemmas would be greatly appreciated.


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