New Music Experiments


It’s been too long since I last updated this blog but since finishing Uni for the summer, I’ve had a busy time rehearsing, performing, producing, sound designing and festival going.

I am currently working as sound designer on another project at The Egg Theatre in Bath which will be performed in a couple of weeks time. The piece is called ‘Devils Music’ and is a 1920’s inspired dance piece. A full post on this project will come soon.

I have uploaded two new pieces of music to myspace; ‘Phasing_Monotrons‘ and ‘Untexp_1‘, both of which see me experimenting with timing and rhythm.

Both tracks started with a single synth loop sequenced in Reason. I then exported two variations of the loop, one at a slightly slower tempo than the other. This meant that when I started the two loops playing at the same time, one would gradually slip out of sync with the other.

My initial plan with ‘Phasing_Monotrons’ was to create a synthesised backing to be used in live performance with my band, however, I quickly discovered that trying to ‘play along’ with the piece was incredibly difficult since it was constantly shifting in tempo and rhythm.

This led me to create ‘Untexp_1’ where I placed a drum break under the synth lines to see what the technique would sound like with a single rhythmic constant.

I’m still not sure as to whether it will be possible to perform live to either tracks but I definitely like how the synth lines slip and slide around under the drum break and how new phrases briefly emerge and disappear as the track progresses.



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