Music Generator Mk2.2


I have been making a few changes to my music generator patch in an effort to improve the outcome.

One of the issues I had with the original patch was that of repeating notes. I think this was due to the process of note selection being handled entirely by random number generators – there was just as much chance of a single number being generated over and over again as there was of a varied selection of numbers, and therefore notes, being selected.

In order to remedy this I’ve decided to seek alternative ways of producing seemingly random streams of numbers to drive the music generator.

Music Generator Mk2.2 now uses data from climate reports for a range of European cities to determine the order of the notes selected.

I looked at the average rainfall for 13 different European cities for each month of the year. I then ordered each city in a list going from highest average rainfall to lowest. By assigning each city a note, I now had 12 different patterns of notes for the music generator to choose from.

Rather than simply choosing notes at random, the music generator now chooses a pattern at random. Once a pattern has finished, a different pattern will be selected at random. Not only does this solve the problem of single notes being repeated consecutively, it also allows for small similarities between each pattern as some cities will always have more rainfall then others although this obviously changes as the patterns move through the seasons from Spring to Summer, Autumn to Winter.

In order to create more interesting results, I have been experimenting with more than one pattern being chosen to play at any one time. Although this breaks the monotony of only single notes being played, introducing more complex rhythms and chords etc, it does also reintroduce the problem of repeating notes. (although with less frequency then the original music generator patch did)

However, one rather pleasing element of having two patterns playing simultaneously is that at some point, the patch will automatically switch itself off, thus ending the piece.


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