Pd Performance Patch


About a month ago there was the slim possibility that myself and a few other musicians would be performing in an ad hoc, noise/improv group for a one off performance. It’s probably for the best that the gap on that nights bill became filled by another group and so we never did the performance.

In preparation for the show, I built a Pd patch involving multiple delays which I then used to process my Monotron synth, using a midi controller keyboard to allow me to control the various delay paremeters in the patch.

The patch is designed so that I can create loops of feedback tones, creating ambient textures by changing the parameters in the patch, using the Monotron purely as an initial sound source.

There are a few improvements I would like to make to the patch, mainly the addition of a resonant filter perhaps, and there are definitely improvements that could be made to the way I perform with the patch but so far I am incredibly happy with some of the textures I have been able to produce. Should I take to plunge and include this new instrument in some form of live performance?



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