Third Year Visual Experiments


This week I have started my third and final year of university. I am incredibly enthusiastic and excited about the year ahead, but am also incredibly nervous. My main fears aren’t necessarily concerning the standard of the work that I will be expected to produce but that at the moment, there is still not one single area, discipline or idea that I feel ready to commit myself to.

One of the things I really enjoyed about the summer just gone was that I was able to experiment and work on lots of very small, very short projects, each one lasting maybe  a week or so. Now the time is approaching where I must leave the experiments behind and start thinking about longer term projects and producing a small collection of work that will sum up the last three years of my degree.

So now I am moving on from the leisurely experiments of the summer and onto some more focused experiments that will form the foundations of some more developed pieces.

The first experiment is an exploration into creating very organic, ambient visual effects that focus on colour, form and texture, and combining this with animated characters, juxtaposing real, identifiable forms with more surreal or abstract forms. I am also interested at the moment in combining both digital and analogue aesthetics.


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