My First Comicbook


It’s finally finished!

I have added a new page to the blog with a link that will let you download my interactive comicbook, ‘You Can’t Save Them All’.

It’s a snapshot of the story of James Noulteigh, a detective who finds the lines between his own personal life, and the lives of the victims, criminals and working girls of his professional life, start to blur.

This has been an incredibly tough and time-consuming project to complete and there are many things I would have liked to of done differently. There are also countless ideas that I would have loved to have been able to develop and further explore. Sadly, time and working to a deadline meant I had to make a few sacrifices.

That said, I am still immensely proud of the comicbook, both in terms of its story and themes, and the overall visual style, especially considering my limited artistic ability.

Although this project was incredibly time-consuming, I have really enjoyed the many hours spent on my living room floor, listening to BBC 6 Music, graphics tablet in hand, designing and drawing all the artwork for the comic, and I have learnt a lot about working with digital art/multimedia packages.

I have also learnt big lessons in story telling, characterisation and the structuring of a comicbook. When I begin work on the next instalment of the story (hopefully in the summer), I am confident that the skills and knowledge developed through making ‘You Can’t Save Them All’, will be evident.

I must also say thank you to those who helped along the way, giving advice or their voices. These things made massive improvements and I am hugely grateful.



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