Devised Project


I have been working on a prototype/demo for my 3rd year, devised project.

The idea for the project is to create an audio-visual installation that responds to the movements of a viewer in the installation space.

The piece revolves around ideas of space, of empty space, and our attachments to the spaces we inhabit or once inhabited. I will publish a detailed document describing my motivations and the concepts behind the piece once the piece has reached completion in May.

At the moment I am using a time-lapse photography technique to capture the images that will be used in the piece. These will be projected onto the walls of a space. A webcam will track the movements of a viewer in the space and the data from this camera will be used to control and manipulate the playback of the footage using a patch in Pure Data.

Although I am currently developing the Pure Data patch that will control my installation, my primary task at the moment is to capture the desired footage needed for the piece. I have started some filming although so far I am yet to really capture the types of images that I want and that I feel are needed for the end piece to have the right emotional resonances.

The other night I tested the current version of the Pd patch with the footage I have captured so far and at this early stage in the project I am finding the results to be encouraging.  (Apologies for the all the camera movement in the video below, I was simultaneously filming and waving my arms in front of the motion tracking camera.)


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