You Can’t Save Them All – Never Letting Go


‘Never Letting Go’ is the working title for my second comic book.

I made my first comic book last winter as part of a multi-media assignment at university and found the process to be hugely enjoyable. I learnt a massive amount about the process of writing, designing, and drawing for the format but was also left with a desire to improve upon my first efforts. I also found that I had many more ideas of how the story and the characters introduced could be developed.

‘Never Letting Go’ will form a ‘prequel’ to ‘You Can’t Save Them All‘ and will clarify and explain some of the circumstances shown in ‘YCSTA’, particularly, I am keen to further explore the struggling relationship of the lead detective and his wife. I also felt that ‘YCSTA’ could have built more of a story around the criminal world that the detective investigates, running two intertwined stories simultaneously – the break down of the detectives home life and his struggles with the cases he investigates.

I am also hoping to improve upon the visual style and quality of the project, implementing a slightly different technique to before, and using some new software which is better suited to my needs and will hopefully allow for a more professional end result. Unlike ‘YCSTA’, ‘Never Letting Go’ will probably not have any interactive elements, instead being a more ‘traditional’ electronic comic book.

This comic book will be the first project I have undertaken since completing my university studies so I am especially looking forward to working through a project at my own leisure, not having to meet any deadlines, stylistic requirements or consider an end marking process.


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