Draft Cover


I’ve just finished the story for ‘Never Letting Go’ and I am about to move onto the next stage of the project – designing page layouts.

Bizarrely, this was something I never really did with my first comic book. Although I had a rough idea of how I wanted each page to look, I didn’t draft out the pages in sketch form before I started actually drawing the digital versions. This was a mistake and meant a lot of time was wasted as I realised that my ideas for pages didn’t really work in the way that I had imagined they would.

I’m hoping that by actually sketching out each page, I will move towards creating a comic book that is visually more powerful and effective.

I am also expecting to make further changes to the storyline of the comic as a part of this process.

Despite still being in this early stage of the project, I couldn’t resist trying out one of my ideas for the front cover of the comic.



Designing this cover was also a valuable way to begin getting to grips with the free illustration software I will be using for the project – Inkscape. This software is much closer to a professional illustration package when compared to the program used for the last comic, but certainly has taken some time to get used to.


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