Rough Sketching


Slowly but surely I am making my way through the story of ‘Never Letting Go’, sketching some rough ideas for how I want the pages to look. Already I am realising that some of the images I had in my mind when writing the story don’t quite work in practise.

I’m happy that, as I go through this process, a strong and coherent visual pace to the comic is beginning to appear.

I also have an idea, which seems to be working well for me at the moment, that some pages of the comic will appear more like an illustrated novel than a traditional comic book. There are some sections of the story where fairly lengthy conversations take place, and for these pages I would like to adopt more of a typographic approach to the page, perhaps with a single abstract image fitting in alongside the text.

Whilst sketching out my ideas in my sketch book, I can’t help but consider how to go about digitally creating my comic book. I know I want to use the free illustration tool Inkscape, but I am still open to the exact method I use for ‘digitising’ my images.

Below are some example pages where I have photographed the sketches in my sketch book, then digitally sketched over these in Inkscape. I like the rough, expressive feel to the pages but I am concerned that my lack of artistic skill leaves the pages looking somewhat amateur.

These experiments are leading me towards sticking with my original technique of importing photographs into Inkscape and drawing over the top of these, resulting in a more professional looking result.

One idea that could be worth exploring is combining the two techniques, using the photographs to create a more realistic sense of perspective and shape, and then using the rough sketching style to pick out areas of shading etc, and bring a little more life to the pages.


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