This week I have been picking my way through the world of Object Oriented Programming, Java and Blackberry smartphone applications.

In the final year of University, I opted to take a module in ‘Audio Software Development’ which involved writing a simple audio processing program using the C programming language. It was a challenging module with an incredibly steep learning curve but I really enjoyed getting to grips with the subjects of coding, program design and computer science.

Since finishing I have decided to begin learning a new programming language – Java. This is partly because of the challenge of learning something now, but also because I had a feeling that Java might lend itself better to creating programs for multimedia and smartphone applications.

To lead me on my journey I have been reading a couple of texts – ‘Introduction to Programming Using Java’ by David J Eck, and ‘Object Oriented Programming With Java’ from the School of Computer Science at The University of KwaZulu-Natal.

The thing I am struggling with the most at the moment isn’t the semantics or syntax of the language itself but in the conceptual leap from a linear programming style to the Object Oriented style of Java.

I think I get the basic idea – of splitting program design into ‘modules’ that (sort of) function independently of one another to carry out their specific task. What I need to work on now is designing my programs from the offset to work with this method, avoiding the linear thought process I have at the moment.

I also still have to get to grips with the way that Java expects a program to be structured with methods, objects, classes and packages. It’s much more complex then the functions I have experience with from C. More complex, but I’m sure will be of greater benefit once I have it mastered.

Yesterday I spent much of my day working on a simple application for a Blackberry smartphone. Although still using Java, there are actually quiet a few differences between writing the simple PC programs I have been so far, and writing for smartphone devices. I had thought that I would be able to simply dump code into the Blackberry IDE and be good to go. Not the case, although this seems obvious to me now.

The most frustrating thing though is that in order to actually install my simple but functioning application onto my device, I need to use the Blackberry Device Manager software which unfortunately, isn’t available for my archaic laptop!!

There are however some very useful tutorial documents available on the Blackberry website which have been guiding me through the coding process.

(I am considering creating a separate page for this blog to host all my bits of code etc – I’m sure they would be useful to somebody somewhere)


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