Saturday Soul no 2


Two years ago I put together a playlist of Soul and Motown – Saturday Soul.

Recently I have been working on another mix with some of the new music I have discovered over the last two years and have decided to upload the result for people to listen to here. Go listen, enjoy, and let me know what you think.

To compile the mix I tried out a couple of free DJ packages available online, beginning with Virtual DJ Home.

I think I know a couple of DJs who use this program for their gigs, although possibly using the full, pro package.

At first I was really pleased with the ease of use of the program and particularly liked the way the library was arranged, making it super quick and easy to find the particular track you were looking for.

However, something I didn’t notice at first was the absolutely terrible sound quality of the program. It wasn’t until I sat down and had a proper listen to a mix I had recorded that I discovered that the output of the program sounded heavily bit reduced and distorted.

I tried adjusting settings within the program to improve audio quality but when comparing an MP3 played via Virtual DJ Home and from a Quicktime player, the difference in quality was clearly audible and not up to standard.

I then tried a different package, one that I had experience of using before, called Mixxx.

This program looks a little clunky and perhaps isn’t quite as intuitive to use at first, however, it still has all of the functions you would expect from a DJ program (or a free one at least), and most importantly, the sound quality is high. And by high, I mean the MP3 played through Mixxx sounds exactly like the MP3 stored on your hard drive. I would recommend it to other bedroom DJs.


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