Multi-loop Performance Tool pt 2


A month or so ago I spoke about a Pd instrument I was building to be used as a performance tool. You can read a little about it here.

I had been struggling (although enjoying myself all the while) to really get to grips with the instrument and produce something approaching what I had been hoping to achieve with the instrument.

I think that this was partly due to limitations with the design of the instrument, and partly due to my approach to using the instrument.

As time goes by I will be making adjustments to the instrument, making alterations and improvements as I gain a deeper understanding of exactly how I want to use the thing. That’s one of the joys of working with Pd.

I also expect that, alongside the technical developments of the instrument, my skills as a performer will develop, and therefore the quality of the pieces I produce will also increase.

Despite all this, I did today create a piece that I was quite pleased with. I loaded the sampler with sounds recorded from my Korg Monotron synths and a hardware feedback loop. I then allowed these samples to play back as loops, constantly shifting their positioning against one another.

The percussive elements you can hear are from loops created previously using the multi-loop player.

A lot of this piece results from just leaving a system to run – I couldn’t really claim it to be a performance as I have very little input once I set the loops in motion.

Part of the initial idea when I began designing this instrument was that it might be able to take on a life of it’s own, and that through chance, some sense of order of stability might occur, or at least be perceived by a listener. I think this begins to happen in this piece.


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