Over the last few years this blog has been a place for me to discuss and demonstrate the ideas and projects that I work on.

The majority of posts have revolved around my studies at Bath Spa University where I completed my degree in Creative Music Technology. Looking back at some of my early posts, they discuss audio, and sound in such a way that gives me the impression I was trying to make sense of some of the new ideas I was being exposed to at Uni.

Getting to more recent posts, The blog becomes more of an outlet for finished pieces, with extra pages being added to include examples of finished audio and multimedia work.

As just mentioned, multimedia work features more and more on the blog as my own practise begins to explore the creation of visual work.

The blog still remains a place for me to discuss projects I am working on and post examples of ideas or works in progress.

I have recently started my first job since finishing Uni and will be working as Technical Coordinator in the education centre of a local hospital.

I’m really excited to see how the role develops as I am responsible for looking after both audio-visual and medical education technology within the department. There is lots for me to learn but as time goes on there will hopefully be greater scope for me to develop the technology in the department and find new ways of encouraging the use of technology in areas where it will be beneficial for teaching and learning.

So this means that I will have less time for working on personal  projects and probably that updates to this blog decrease.

It might mean that posts begin to focus more on the work I do in the education centre although at the moment I would like to keep this space for my more personal and creative work.

I am certain that I will continue to work on personal projects involving audio and visual content and as and when I find time to work on these projects, I will update this space.

For example, this weekend I have already started a new, mini Pd/Gem project that will create dynamic, visual representations of my monthly expenditure, allowing me to identify spending habits from month to month. Geeky I know.


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