Portable Apps


This is something that I meant to talk about a month ago but never really got around to it.

For the three years that I was at university I enjoyed having a wide range of professional software applications at my fingertips. I could instantly access all the little tools that are needed to work with multi-media/digital content. Applications for viewing media, extracting compressed files, creating, editing and converting media.

Sometime these tools were a part of a bigger application, for example, converting and encoding video files using Adobe Media Converter. Often though, these tools were stand alone, freeware applications, designed to do a particular job and distributed as a free download.

In the environment I work in now, my access to these types of tools is non existent. And for understandable reasons. However, the demands of the department increasingly ask that I am able to work with high quality, multi-media content. This will only increase as the company develops to match the expectations of those it serves.

A month or so ago, a colleague introduced me to Portable Apps. I cannot believe that I have never encountered these before.

They are basically software applications that you install on to a standard USB memory stick. The applications then run from this stick so can be used on any PC, without having to download or install anything onto that PC.

There are a wide range of applications available, including apps for editing audio and images, for playing and converting video files and a range of other useful utility applications.

My favourites so far are :

Although I’m sure my IT department would wholly disapprove of my using Portable Apps, they are tools that allow me to produce the work I am asked to do, quickly, and to a high standard. Once again, I feel that I can use the right tool for the job, rather then only being able to do the job that the tools permit.

Next is to try and find a Portable version of Pure Data!!



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