It’s been an obscene amount of time since I last posted on this blog – almost long enough to make me question whether I should continue with a blog at all!

I did have some Internet problems that prevented me from posting a month or so ago, but in the main, I’ve just been far too busy working, house hunting and playing the ukulele.

It would be too easy though to slip into a lifestyle where the skills and interests I developed while studying take a back seat in my life, or even disappear all together. I think it’s important that I continue to push myself to learn new skills and build upon what I’ve spent the last few years doing, even if my day-to-day life doesn’t directly require those skills.

A little while ago, I became responsible for updating basic elements of the Internet and Intranet pages at work. Mainly just updating links to documents etc. The coder in me couldn’t help but begin exploring the world of html, CSS, and JavaScript, even though the tasks I was doing didn’t require it. (Perhaps I have too much time on my hands).

I am now working on a sideline project to create a simple, interactive map of our department. The plan is to use Google Sketchup to create a 3D illustration of the building, with transparent images placed over each room. As the user rolls their cursor over each room, an image of the room will pop up, complete with commonly asked information about the room.

The idea is simple, but I have made a crude working prototype with some html and CSS, and hopefully, with some smart graphics work, the result might look pretty cool.



Even if I never achieve an end result, I will have learnt some valuable skills in the process of trying.

I have also decided to attack an old foe – The 3D creation tool Blender.

I first explored this open source tool whilst trying to come up with a project for my 3rd year multimedia work. I naively thought I could just figure out how to use the programme, and that in no time at all, I would be producing stunning animations.

I am now finding myself more and more interested in producing 3D graphics, and so it seemed an obvious choice when looking for something to expand my current skill set.

This time I am going to do things properly, and have found this fantastic resource to help me get going.

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro.

It’s still tempting to race ahead – but believe me – you don’t get very far before crashing and burning.

The result of my first weekend is below. It’s not much, but I am certainly filled with enthusiasm for continuing work with the programme. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I’m producing something with real worth.



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