Animation and Interactivity


I’ve spent a lot of time playing about with Blender over the last few weeks. Whilst my modelling skills still leave a lot to be desired, I have become much more familiar with the basic operation the programme.

The other night I was having a go at creating a 3D model of the interior of a house. Whilst I didn’t get any further then the basic layout and structure of the building, I did however create my first animation.

Although I’ve only animated the virtual camera, creating a ‘virtual tour’ type thing, I am pleasantly surprised with how straightforward it is to begin animating the objects in a Blender project. Obviously this becomes much more complicated when you start animating multiple objects, and start trying to achieve lifelike effects.

I also began investigating Blenders Game Engine the other night. This started when an idea was presented to me to create some simple interactive teaching tools that would allow you to spin the image of a human heart, allowing it to be presented as a 3D object.

There are many ways that this could be achieved, but I was keen to investigate what would be possible using Blender.

I very quickly created a simple Blender ‘Game’ that allows you to spin a cube left and right by pressing the left and right arrow keys on a keyboard.

(The poor frame rate is the result of the screen capture app I used, not the Blender Game)

The next step will be to see if I can either control the playback of a video using a similar method, or attach images to an object, as textures, to create a video playback effect when the object is spun. I certainly don’t want to begin trying to model an anatomically correct human heart!

I clearly have a long way to go on my Blender Noob to Pro journey, but It’s been an encouraging week, particularly considering the possibilities for creating interactive work.


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