Introduction to Computer Science and Programming


Recently I have become a little frustrated with my programming skills. Although I learnt some basic C/C++ in my last year of Uni, I have always been fully aware of my limits, both in terms of ability and understanding.

I would love to be able to develop mobile apps, or simple interactive multimedia apps for desktop environments, not in an effort to make any cash, but because I am repeatedly discovering problems that I think I would be able to solve (to some extent at least), if I was able to code.

So about a week ago I decided to tackle my frustrations head on, and decided I would start working my way through an MIT course available through their Open Courseware collection.

There is a really broad selection of courses available on this site, with materials such as lecture notes, homework/problem sets and video lectures available to download, and all available absolutely free.

The course I have chosen is Introduction to Computer Science and Programming.

The course starts with topics that I am already familiar with from my previous studies, but I am happy to go over this ground again, and after only a few lectures, I am already learning new concepts.  I know that there are also much more complex topics to come.

The course also uses the Python language, so I am enjoying learning the syntax of this language, which seems a little more straightforward compared to C. ( I have also already been experimenting with GUIs and graphics, something I never attempted in C)

Finally though, I’m finding that learning to code is fun. I really enjoy figuring out the problem sets, sketching out a program on paper on my lunch break, then going home and seeing if I can get the program to work.


*I should also add, the course is delivered by Prof. John Guttag, who does a great job of explaining the concepts involved in a light hearted, entertaining way. (well, as light hearted and entertaining as Computer Science can be)*



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