Algorithmic Explorations


A few weeks ago I nominated myself to give a talk about electronic music at a local ‘meet up’.

I decided to speak on the topics of ‘Pure Data, Indeterminacy, and Computer as Musician’, and gave a couple of demonstrations of work discussed in previous posts on this blog.

This was the first time I had really spoken about the ideas I had been exploring, and pretty much the first time I had ever played some of my electronic music to a proper audience. I was nervous to say the least.

But the talk seemed to go down really well, with a healthy discussion afterwards on the topic of Artificial Intelligence, and designing ‘systems’ for the creation of musical work.

The talk gave me an opportunity to revisit some of the ideas I had been exploring over the past year or so, and really think hard about what I was trying to achieve. It also inspired me to, in some respects, pick up where I left off, and begin to explore some of the ideas a little further.

Over the last week or so I have been exploring how I might replicate the systems I was using for musical work, in a visual context.

Using Pure Data/Gem, I have been playing around with using algorithms to create visual patterns, moving a series of small spheres around a space.

I’m encouraged by the results so far – I like the swarm like effect of the piece – but I think what I really want is to create something that works as a still image, or series of stills. I’m looking forward to trying out some variations of different algorithms to see what effects they each produce.

Also, after several years of working with Pure Data, I have finally got to grips with using abstractions!



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