Relative Quiet


Just felt the need to do a quick post to explain why there has been so little activity on this page for a few months.

Back in May I was incredibly busy working on a synthesiser design in Pure Data. I was looking forward to finishing the design and making some interesting noises which I would of course post up here.

The build was also shaping up to be one of my most sophisticated pieces of Pure Data programming.

Sadly though, work was halted when my laptop failed to boot one evening, with a corrupt file as the cause.

So, for the last month or so I have had limited laptop use with a Puppy Linux distro on a USB stick, and only in the last week getting round to installing Ubuntu on to my machine.

I do now have a fully working OS, a version of Pd-extended, and an audio editor, meaning work can finally resume.

I’ve also been super busy this last month with some guitar/free improv stuff which will also be making it’s was to the blog sometime soon.

Might also have to do a little post about my experiences with Puppy Linux and Ubuntu at some point.


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