Place of Safety


I’ve always threatened to produce a collection of recordings of my improvised guitar pieces.

A month or so ago I began work on that collection.

Unfortunately, work on that project has drawn to a halt, due to an impending house move. (The house move isn’t unfortunate – I’m really looking forward to that)

I have ideas for three guitar pieces, which will largely consist of improvised performance, or at least start with some kind of improvise performance as a basis. I have recorded one, and I’m pretty happy with it, but it looks as though the recording of the others will have to wait until some time after the move.

Here is the first recording though.

Whilst I haven’t had much time to sit down and record recently, I have been finding a few hours a month to attend a ‘free-improv’ night in Bristol.

It’s an ‘anything goes’ type of thing. Look here for more info, and I thought I would share a video that was uploaded of our last meet. (which is also available at that link, if the embed code doesn’t work..)





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