Post Move


My last post mentioned that I would soon be moving house – this has now happened. We also now have an Internet connection after nearly 2 months!

Whilst lack of connectivity had stopped me from blogging, it certainly didn’t stopped me from making music, with the last few months being some of my busiest this year.

It’s looking like the Christmas and New year period will also be busy, with regular attendances to the Place of Safety Improv night planned, and hopefully a few performances.

I recently attended a Phil Niblock show at the Arnolfini, and came away inspired – this inspiration was channelled into the design and build of a new Pd instrument.

(This new laptop instrument would also solve the issue of carting guitar+pedals+amp around without a car)


It’s a 4 oscillator synth, with an additional noise generator. Each oscillator passes through a band pass filter, a pitch shifter and amplitude modulation. There are a selection of envelope shapes, with sounds being triggered using the laptops keys. The frequency of the oscillators, and the cut off frequency of the filters are controlled by moving the cursor around the grid shown in the left of the picture.

It’s fairly crude, but it makes some good sounds, and should be ‘playable’. The only way to know for sure is to get out and perform with it. This is something I have never done before, usually sticking to guitars or physical instruments, so I am a little nervous.

I thought I would record a little piece using the instrument to explore the range of sounds it can produce.


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