A Context For The Generative Music Program ‘MusicGenMobile1.1’


After completing work on my latest music generator, ‘MusicGenMobile1.1’, I decided I would write a short essay, partly to provide a context for the piece, but also as a means of evaluating the finished project. It seemed a shame, after spending so much time working on the project, for it not to have some kind of formal closure.

You can find the essay here: Generative Music

I discovered whilst writing the essay how out of practice I am at this type of ‘academic’ writing. A little like returning to physical exercise after a winter of rest (I can only imagine..).

Despite the difficulties, I hope the essay might provide an interesting read for anyone interested in generative, systems based music, indeterminacy, and as a way of providing a context for the ‘MGM1.1’ project.




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