Mobile Noise Making


As part of my experiments with using PdDroidParty to run Pure Data patches on my mobile, I though it would be fun to develop a trio of ‘apps’ for Free Improv performance.

These apps are largely based on some Max/MSP patches put together by Andy Keep, which we used in our introductory workshop sessions of the Sonic Performance module at Uni.

The collection includes:

  • A tone generator, with 2 oscillators, a white noise generator, and a filter.
  • A noise generator, with 2 subtly difference flavours of noise, a filter, and some amplitude modulation.
  • And a sample playback/manipulation tool, preloaded with a short speech sample.

You can hear a brief demo of some of the sounds the tools can create here.

I think there are some pretty interesting sounds to be made with these tools, although I don’t really know how feasible it would be to actually perform with them. That said, it would certainly be interesting to try a performance where each member of the ensemble were restricted to using an Android device with one of these tools.

You can download my Mobile Improv Tools here.


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