Cube Orchestra


I’ve had an incredibly busy summer, with several project on the go.

Something I am really enjoying at the moment is the Introduction to Linux Course that I am taking through edx. This free course will hopefully plug up some of the gaps in my IT knowledge, as well as equipping me with a ton of new skills for the future.

I’m also working hard on developing my own website from scratch – a beginners guide to making music with Pure Data. This website will tackle things from a ‘musicians’ perspective, and hopefully dodge a lot of the DSP/Computer Science theory that might prove to be an obstacle for many.

I’ve also rediscovered a passion for cycling, and have been clocking up the miles around the Bristol and South Glos area on my fixed gear bike.

Since January I have regularly been attending the Cube Orchestra improv sessions at the Cube Cinema in Stokes Croft.

The Orchestra has no official ‘line-up’, although there seems to be a core group of members. Instrumentation varies from week to week, but usually includes keyboards, a few guitars, a few brass instruments, and percussion.

It would be impossible to describe the music we play, other than to say it is all freely improvised. Some times things get a bit ‘world music’, sometimes jazz, sometimes everything sounds like a 70s prog-rock supergroup. Sometimes a single session can include all of the above.

Everything is valid, everyone has equal participation, and everyone enjoys playing the music.

Recently Orchestra member Keef has been recording our sessions, and the Orchestra have kindly given me permission to upload one of the recordings, so that I could talk about it here.


(Keef has also written a few words about the Orchestra on his site, including more of the recordings.)


Rub Shoulders – 25/06/2014 – Performer Credits

Steve Burwell: Violin

Fionn Ball: Percussion

Chema Gala: Sax

Christian Liberati: Harmonica

Jean-Michel Maheu: Guitar, Bass

Ramon Sanchez: Trumpet, Percussion, Vocals

Keef Chemistry: Melodica, Vocals

Jon Shepherd: Guitar, Bass

Javier Cebrian: Percussion

Oliver Owen: Guitar

Ellie Glitch: Guitar, Jaw Harp, Vocals

Marcus Valentine: Keyboards


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