In my last post I briefly mentioned that I was starting the online course ‘Introduction to Linux‘. This was a free course created by the Linux Foundation, and made available through edx.

Well last week I completed the course, achieving 97% in the final exam.

There were a few reasons for me wanting to take the course.

I have been using Linux for a little while now – ever since my Windows laptop failed to boot one evening. I have been interested in free and open source software for a while, and taking the plunge to running a Linux machine was something I was excited to try – this was a decision I am glad I took.

I had also discovered some big gaps in my IT knowledge, and was becoming jealous of the way others were able to troubleshoot and fix problems with equipment at work using simple IT techniques (such as using ping and telnet to investigate problems with networked hardware).

As well as taking the course, I have also started a project to design my own website (a guide to using Pure Data to make music), which I plan to host on my own server at home.

Naturally this server is running Apache on a Raspberry Pi.

There is of course much more for me to learn about Linux, and computing in general, but I certainly feel that the course has equipped me with a whole new set of tools, and I certainly feel much more confident tackling more complex tasks in Linux. (Simply working on remote machines via ssh was a big step for me, but something I am now entirely comfortable doing)

My experience of taking the course has been a wholly positive one, and I will certainly be looking to take further courses through the edx platform.

That said, my faithful Dell laptop may be nearing the end of it’s life, meaning all projects may soon have to be suspended whilst I search for it’s replacement!


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