Instrumental Ukulele


A few years ago I was asked to perform a few hours of music at a friends wedding.

Having resolved the year before never to perform with an acoustic guitar again, I decided to try something different, and began working on a wedding set-list of ukulele cover versions.

I had never played a ukulele before, but quickly fell in love with the instrument.

That year I also performed at a few school fetes, and even recorded a special Christmas collection.

I also started attending a regular ‘Uke Jam’ at a local pub, which I found was an excellent opportunity to meet new people, play ukulele, sing, and drink beer.

Sadly, since moving to Bristol, I have been unable to attend a regular ‘uke’ meet, and have found myself playing less and less ukulele. (But playing much more improvised guitar music, so not all bad)

I do still pick up the ukulele every now and then, and have enjoyed exploring the potential of the instrument – whilst the ukulele may have a twee image, I think it also has a wonderful, mellow sound, not too dissimilar to a Spanish or classical guitar.

For a while I have been meaning to record some of my solo improvisation sessions, which is exactly what I spent the afternoon doing the other Saturday.

The results can be found here:

I actually re-tuned the ukulele for this session, so the tuning is perhaps closer to a mandolin – I think alternative tunings for the ukulele is something else I would like to explore, although perhaps that’s getting a little too niche…


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