Example Recordings


I have uploaded some recordings as examples of what I have been doing with the Pure Data instruments I have been working on, as well as my ongoing development as an improvising musician.

The recordings can be found on the ‘Sonic Improvisation‘ section of this blog.

I have been recording short pieces using the instruments for a few weeks now, but these are the first 2 recordings that I’ve actually been truly pleased with and happy to upload.

It’s been quite a long process to get to this point; Initially planning and imagining what type of instruments I might want and how I might use them.

Then actually building and developing the Pure Data patches before starting to create some test pieces.

There were 2 parts to the testing process which made it kind of tricky. On the one hand I am exploring the boundaries of the instrument, experimenting with the types of sounds it can produce and looking for flaws to be fixed. On the other hand I am learning how to play the instrument and developing a personal approach to the tool-set.

Sometimes it was tricky to know whether I was uncovering limitations with the instrument, or a limitation with myself as a performer.

But at this point I am largely happy that I have a set of tools that are very workable and capable of producing a reasonable array of sounds.

And also that I am beginning to find a way of interacting with the instrument and producing the types of pieces that I want to create, although I can certainly see where I have improvements to make.

But that was one of the key motivations to starting this work – I wanted to start something that would allow me to develop and grow as an improvising musician – to analyse and reflect upon my practice and improve.

A rough plan now is to get to the point that I can perform live in front of an audience – something I have never done with electronic/computer tools, and am incredibly nervous about doing. Some more practice required.



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