Performance Strategies


I’m pleased and excited to have my first solo performance of improvised electronic music coming up next week.

I’ll be playing at this event on the Saturday night.

In the build up I have been working on a strategy for the performance.

It’s a fine line between forming just enough of a plan to help myself navigate through the performance, and ending up with something that is so prepared it almost becomes a composed piece.

At the moment I have decided upon a set of techniques, or ‘sound worlds’, which I intend to move between throughout the performance.

These techniques have largely been discovered through ‘free play’, rather than focused realisation of particular processes. (If that makes any sense)

Whilst these distinct audio landmarks will allow me to structure my performance, how I perform with each of them will be left to improvisation, as will the way I move from one to another.

For this performance I also want to focus my attention on the gestural shape of the sounds I use, and how they come in and out of the mix. For some of the techniques I will be trying very hard to blend the sounds of my performance with the sounds of the performance space, so I will be listening very closely to the environment I am in and trying to respond to that.

The performance is going to be recorded, so I’m looking forward to listening back to what I did and considering how the strategy worked.




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