Structure and Activity


I have had a few weeks to reflect upon my Bristol Hum performance now, as well as to think about some new ideas.

(An edited recording of my performance is available to listen to on the Sonic Improvisation part of this blog.)

My preparations for the performance centred upon some clearly defined techniques, with a plan to move through the techniques during the performance.

This seemed to strike a good balance between having a plan and direction for the performance, but without planning exactly what I would do and for how long.

I was largely happy with how this turned out, although there were some parts of the performance where I now feel there was perhaps too much stasis – particular sounds ringing out for far too long.

This perhaps worked OK in the live setting – I think time is experienced differently by an audience in these circumstances – but it wasn’t entirely what I wanted to achieve.

I have since started to think about other ways to structure performances, and this week have been thinking about levels of activity and intensity.

I’m interested to see how I can further explore these 2 ideas – juxtaposing periods of high activity and low activity, building intensity through increased activity and exploring low intensity activity.

Through these ideas, I wonder if I can better craft a performance with narrative than if I relied simply on sonic palette.

I’m also hoping that if I can develop a natural intuition for manipulating these ideas they will naturally form a part of my performance without me having to plan how and when to deploy them.

Alongside all of this I have also been developing a new instrument exploring first order formant synthesise, as well as making a few improvements to some of my existing instruments to improve spectral depth and richness in my sound, so looking forward to using these too.



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