Calls, Compositions, & Controllers.


It’s been a busy and productive start to the summer after a reflective ending to the spring.

While taking a break from live performance to reflect upon my practice and contemplate some new ideas, I’ve also responded to a few open calls for works with some composition pieces.

I don’t know how successful I will be with the submissions, but I’ve enjoyed the different style of working – being able to form and refine an arrangement over a longer time period, rather than everything happening in real-time – and I’ve also enjoyed responding to the different briefs for the different calls.

The first piece I’ve submitted is for a competition seeking audio works that respond to the theme of climate change, and specifically themes of time-scales and patterns.

The piece, titled Temporal Observations, explores possible contradictions between short term events and patterns, and longer trends, and how the experience at one point in time may not be indicative of the bigger picture.

The next piece was for the MUSLAB 2017 International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, which didn’t actually have a brief, so I submitted a slight re-working of a piece I completed earlier in the year, exploring formant and granular synthesis.

This piece, titled Terraforming, was actually submitted for the festival jukebox at the Audiograft festival in Oxford earlier in the year, which I believe was installed at an event prior to the festival.

And the final piece I have completed was for the Cities & Memories Protest & Politics project.

This project asked sound artists to respond to and re-mix field recordings taken from protests, demonstrations and political speeches from around the world.

The recording I chose was from a demonstration against the result of the Brexit referendum.

My submission presents the idea of politics as an echo chamber, and how political discourse can sometimes be reduced to reflecting and repeating the same popular ideas.

The piece, titled ReSounding, can be found on the Protest & Politics website here.

As well as this I have still been exploring building my own control interfaces using the Arduino platform mentioned in an earlier post.

I am really enjoying this work and have been learning a lot – the results of which I have been documenting on the Arduino Controllers padlet I have created for the project. I’m hoping to have something usable for the next time I perform.


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