Sonic Improvisation

I am interested in improvisation as a means to express and explore ideas in ways that feel more personal, honest and true.

I am interested in techniques, strategies and frameworks for structuring improvised performance, and now explore these methods using bespoke software performance tools.

In performance I enjoy the freedom of working with sound in a textural form – tones and noise – and endeavour to combine these elements to develop meaningful structures.

A full recording of a performance at the Sound Cupboard (2016) .

An edited recording of a performance at The Bristol Hum (2016) .

An edited version of an Improvised piece using Pure Data instruments (2016).

Previously I have worked with prepared electric guitar as a sound producing device, exploring alternative ways of interacting with the instrument.

Using items attached to and under the guitars strings, gives access to a wide palette of sounds, ranging from resonant, bell-like tones, to metallic scrapes and hollow pops.

Strings, and the objects attached to and through them, can be plucked, bowed, scraped and knocked. The resulting soundscapes are sometime delicate and beautiful, and sometimes tense and uncomfortable.

A performance of ‘How To Play Guitar 2‘ can be found here.

A short performance video of ‘How To Play Guitar 3’ can be found here.

A post about quarter tone guitar tuning can be found here.


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